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Some Cool Folk Resources!

Some Cool Folk Resources!

Do you have any resources that would be good to inlcude here? Any information I’ve missed in the song index? Please send any suggestions or corrections my way!

A note on inclusivity and accessibility~

It is my goal for this site to be a resource for anyone interested in traditional music, and I strive to present that in a way that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. I will make an attempt to include relevant trigger warnings and include recordings from POC and non-male performers where possible, especially for songs stemming from non-Anglo cultures. Culturally insensitive material may be included so as to acknowledge past injustices and learn and grow from them. Erasure of oppression only benifits the oppressors. Any material like this will be labeled with a trigger warning and hidden. If there is anything I can do to make my website more accessible and inclusive, please contact me.